Since 2005, Cartamil Environmental Consulting has provided consulting services for some of the most prestigious desalination and water management organizations in the world, including:

• Poseidon Water (California, USA)
• RBF Consulting (California, USA)
• The National Centre of Excellence in Desalination (Australia)
• NSC Agua (Mexico)
• The Watereuse Association (USA)

Peer-reviewed journal article on desalination impacts:
S. Jenkins, D. Cartamil, et al. In review. Hydrodynamic Impacts on Marine Life Due to Brine Dilution Strategies for Seawater Desalination Plants. Environmental Science & Technology.

Samples of Our Work:
Click on the links below to access downloadable pdf files showcasing recent work for clients in southern California (documents posted with client’s permission).
Hypersalinity Toxicity Impacts at Proposed Camp Pendleton Desalination Plant, 2013
Review of the Southern California Water Resources Control Board’s Brine Panel Report, 2012